Masterful Architectural Metal Finishing Solutions

Our experienced architectural metal finishing team uses the best processes and highest quality products in the industry to deliver stunning metal treatment finishes for a range of high-profile projects.

Metal finishing by Artisan Finishing Systems in Marysville, WA.
Modern office building facade in the downtown

Architectural Metal Finishing

At Artisan Finishing Systems, we deliver premium metal finishes for a broad range of clients in the building and construction industries. Our experience, process control and premium products lines – Kynar, powder coat and wood grain metal - enable us to deliver durable, stunning finishes that deliver striking visual impressions for our customers and withstand years of use.


When you partner with Artisan, your project receives individualized attention - from parts inventory to color matching; and QC process checks throughout the project.

Why Choose Artisan Finishing Systems?

Premium Raw Materials

Our metal finishing processes set the gold standard within the industry, delivering masterful quality, appearance, and durability.

Family-Owned Commitment

As a family-owned and operated business, we treat our commercial and residential clients like family. We always stand behind our work and deliver flawless architectural finishes that we too would be proud to display on our own business.

Stunning Artisanal Finishes

Combining our 30 years of premium metal finishing experience with our in-house color matching lab, our order monitoring and systems controls, and our continuous QC checks assures every part of your project is to spec and to order.

Our High-Performance Finishes

Tradate (Varese, Lombardy, Italy): modern building along the via Varesina

Kynar 500® PVDF (Polyvinylidene Difluoride) resin-based metal coatings

Our PVDF coating, also known as Kynar, is a non-reactive, pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer with numerous benefits. Kynar is the gold-standard for architectural coating providing superior color retention, outstanding weather resistance, durability, and exceptional material protection for high use, difficult access and long duration projects.

Architectural Powder Coating

Architectural Powder Coatings have become widely popular due to their enhanced durability and ability to deliver truly consistent finishes to meet design specifications. New, improved compositions can deliver bold accents and contrast pieces to achieve your design objectives.

Artisan can deliver these finishes and accents for your projects using our certified processes with most major powder coat brands.

Modern building detail at blue sky.
Axiom Maple-2

Wood Grain Metal Imaging

We use a patented wood grain imaging process to give aluminum and other metals the appearance of natural wood. Using a dye-sublimation transfer process the wood “image” is transferred into the powder coat substrate. The result is an amazingly realistic look of wood on your work piece – either siding, sheets, fascia, soffits, accents, or structural pieces like posts.

Superior Architectural Coatings in 3 Simple Steps

Modern building detail at blue sky.


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