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Who We Are

At Artisan Finishing Systems, we provide specialized architectural coatings and metal finishings for designers, architects, artists, and manufacturers. We utilize some of the industry's best coating products and processes to deliver quality, durable finishes for a range of projects.

As a family-owned and -operated business, we go above and beyond to showcase artisanal mastery, expertise, and craftsmanship through our reliable services. Since 1990, we’ve helped numerous high-profile clients across the Pacific Northwest and Canada achieve high-end designs on commercial, residential and custom panels, extrusions, storefronts, entrances, flashings, and posts & signs.

Our Products

Our team delivers stunning results by using three of the top-performing metal coating processes in the industry. Specifically, we utilize high-performance fluoropolymer coatings (PVDF Kynar), long-lasting AAMA 2604 powder coating, and dye-sublimation of wood grains on metals.

These impressive coating processes allow us to deliver stunning finished products to a range of building and commercial clients. We regularly work within the unique metal treatment niche market and the architectural metal coatings market to provide high-end finishes and coatings distinctive from other material processing firms.


Why Artisan Finishing Systems?

At Artisan Finishing Systems, we value a job well done. When you hire our team for your next architectural finishing project, we’ll display the following qualities throughout our services to provide a finished product you can take pride in:

  • Expertise

    We have thirty years of industry experience, allowing us to perfect our architectural finishing processes. We’ve also received applicator certifications from major paint and powder coat suppliers, showcasing our expertise within our industry.

  • Precision

    Precision is an essential quality to showcase in our premium processes. When we color match for our clients, we utilize an industry-standard paint matching lab with over 4,000 colors and recipes in our archives, allowing us to create the exact hue to match your desired finish. We also quality check every job numerous times throughout the process to ensure a job well done.

  • Quality

    We ensure a quality, durable finish on our projects, allowing clients to feel confident their projects and designs will withstand the test of time. We also utilize the highest-performing coatings and dyes in the industry, creating a superior metal finish every time.

  • Artistry

    Applying architectural coatings well is an art form that our team has mastered. When you work with our Artisan, you won’t simply receive a cookie-cutter finished product. Instead, your project will exude craftsmanship and artistry that can only come with decades of architectural finishing experience.


Incredible operation! They make awesome products!


They do good work in kynar paint.


Great people!

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Adding specialized metal finishing expertise to your project is an excellent way to enhance your design and showcase artistry and craftsmanship in the fine details. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced team to provide stunning architectural finishing services, we would love to help. Our services begin with a consultation. Call or send a message from our contact page today!