High-Performance Powder Coating for Metal Surfaces


Discover how our architectural powder coating can enhance your building projects.

Custom powder coating from Artisan Finishing Systems in Marysville, WA.

Custom Powder Coating in Marysville, WA

Utilizing high-quality finishes on your metal architectural extrusions is essential to their durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. At Artisan Finishing Systems, we use long-lasting powder coatings that provide supreme durability and attractiveness for a range of metal fixtures.

When you partner with our team to assist with your metal building project, we’ll assess your needs and develop a custom powder coating solution ideal for your specific project. Our decades of experience and top-quality materials allow us to deliver the region's most durable, protective powder coatings.

Our Custom Powder Coating Processes

We utilize highly specialized processes to apply architectural powder coatings to steel, iron, aluminum, and other metals. Only when using these validated and audited processes can a supplier provide AAMA 2604 level powder coat. And only then can you receive a 20 year warranty on your building materials (this applies only to mill aluminum materials). When you hire our team, we’ll follow these steps to apply architectural powder coating:


Pretreat the surface to clean the parts and ensure proper paint-metal adhesion.


Apply the free-flowing dry powder evenly across the metal surface.


Cure the powder using controlled times and temperatures, causing it to form a uniform color and finish on the metal surface.


Cool the coating, allowing it to set and form a tough, durable finish.

Enhanced Durability and Stunning Aesthetic Appeal

Because hardened architectural powder coating is completely bonded to the metal substrate, it resists scratches and other damage better than traditional paints and stains. Additionally, our free-flowing dry application method allows the powder coating to look smooth, sleek, and blemish-free, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Why Partner With Artisan Finishing Systems?

If you’re looking for the top powder coating provider in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve come to the right place. At Artisan Finishing Systems, we showcase the following qualities in every client interaction, setting us apart from other metal finishing companies in the area:

We’ve mastered the craft of applying smooth, durable, high-quality powder coatings to a range of metal surfaces. You can count on our expertise and craftsmanship to shine through all of our metal finishing solutions.

As a family-owned company, we operate out of a single manufacturing facility in one location, allowing us to focus our efforts on your metal finishing needs.

We have over 30 years of experience in the architectural finishing industry, giving us the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver superior solutions.

Our process includes constant monitoring of numerous parameters to ensure consistent, high quality coatings. During processing, treatment titration, oven temperature, powder coat thickness and many other parameters are measured. Each work piece of your order tested multiple times to ensure it meets industry standards for performance and our standards for color and consistency. Only with this quality system and continuous improvement can we quantify your order is perfect and will withstand years of wear and tear without flaws or blemishes.


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At Artisan Finishing Systems, we have what it takes to deliver superior quality and expert craftsmanship throughout your powder coating projects.