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High-Performance Metal Finishes

At Artisan Finishing Systems, we provide high-quality metal finishing solutions for a range of business clients across the Pacific Northwest and around the country. As the only provider of PVDF coating, architectural powder coating, and wood-grain metal imaging, we provide reliable solutions for clients looking for durable, long-lasting metal finishes.

Our family-owned company utilizes high-quality architectural finishing and paint-matching processes within our in-house laboratory. When you work with our Artisan Finishing Systems team, you can count on receiving personalized services, customized solutions, and expert-level execution.

Architectural Finishing Services for Your Next Building Project

PVDF Coating

Our high-performing PVDF coating, also known as Kynar paint and sold under several brand names, provides superior durability, weather resistance, and protection for exterior projects. This pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer coating is the industry standard for high color retention for aluminum, steel, and other metals.

High performance metal finishes from Artisan Finishing Systems in Marysville, WA.

Architectural Powder Coating

Architectural powder coating is a metal coating that we apply as a free-flowing dry powder, then cure under heat. This process creates a smooth, skin-like finish that dries hard, providing a longer-lasting, more durable finish than traditional paint. Many building projects utilize powder coatings to enhance cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

Wood-Grain Metal Imaging

We use the Decoral brand dye-sublimation imaging process to apply wood-grain-like finishes to aluminum and other metal products. This process allows us to create metal finishes that look identical to wood, stone, or other natural patterns. Many builders request this process to create aesthetic designs on durable metal storefronts and architectural extrusions.

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Precision Color Matching

We use specialized systems and techniques to color-match nearly any color desired for a project. We have more than 4,000 different distinct colors and recipes in our database. Our long history and in-house paint-matching lab enables us to match thousands of colors from existing recipes. Or, we can match your sample - plain or metallic using only a small paint chip for reference.

Special Projects

Our unique metal finishing skills and decades of experience allow us to support a range of special projects. A few of our past architectural finishing projects include signs, signposts, facades, and accents. We regularly work on both large-scale and small production projects, adapting our skills and processes to meet each client’s specific needs.


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